The Wedding Survival Kit

The Wedding Survival Kit

Things might go crazy during your wedding and a lot of unexpected things might happen. If you want to be prepared no matter what, here are some essential things to include on your wedding survival kit.

Your immaculate and elegant white dress will endure long hours of dancing, eating, and socializing. Make sure you’re prepared to keep it beautiful all night long. A Tide stain pain will help you get rid of stains and preserve the beauty of your dress.

  • Mints

The ceremony can last for hours during which, you might end up feeling hungry. Pop up some mints to make sure your breath smells fresh when you greet your guests.

  • Sunscreen

This is a very important thing to include to your survival kit. You have to always carry a sunscreen, especially if it’s going to be an outdoor wedding.

  • Tampons

Need I say more? Although you probably know when your next monthly visitor will come, it won’t hurt if you’re prepared for an unexpected visit.

  • Small First Aid Kit

First aid kits will be useful for small cuts, bruises, or any minor injury that you or your guests might experience during the duration of the wedding.

  • Tissue

During your wedding day, tissues will be your friend. You can use them to wipe off your face if your sweating and you can use them to wipe off your tears once the crying begin. Make sure you have plenty of tissues at hand.

  • Granola Bars

Granola bars are good sources of carbs, and you can eat them anytime anywhere. Weddings are pretty exhausting, so make sure you have some food to keep yourself nourished throughout the day.

Being prepared for anything won’t hurt and putting a wedding day survival kit will ensure that you will enjoy your special day even if there might be some unexpected turns. Make sure that you have someone to take pictures of your wedding day. If you’re in Raleigh, there are many Raleigh wedding photography studios which you can hire for your wedding. Similarly, if you’re in the Denver area, you might consider finding some wedding photographer Denver.


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Wedding Style Guide: Different Types of Wedding Dresses

As a bride, I know how stressful it can be planning every detail of your wedding and making sure everything will turn out to be perfect. Of course, one of the most stressful things for women is to find the wedding dress that will best suit her, bring out her beauty, and make her feel gorgeous during her special day.

So I am here to walk you through the basics of choosing a wedding dress. One of the key elements that you have to know is the different kinds of wedding dress which I will enumerate in this post:

The Trumpet Dress

Wedding Style Guide: Different Types of Wedding Dresses

At a recent gig with a team from Houston Wedding Photography, I noticed that the bride and the bridesmaids are all wearing trumpet wedding dresses. For me, it is one of the most common dress styles that is being used for weddings. The trumpet dress is very flattering for any type of women’s body, it tends to hug the curves and bring out your inner sexiness without baring too much skin. However, since the main feature of trumpet dress is its long hem and train, I wouldn’t recommend this for short women as the cut may cause you to look smaller.

The A-Line Wedding Dress

Wedding Style Guide: Different Types of Wedding Dresses

The A-Line Wedding dress, also called the Princess wedding dress, is also a common choice for many brides. The A-Line dress is great for emphasizing your bust while hiding your tummy. Those who have a pear-shaped, rectangle-shaped, or hour-glass body, will look absolutely ravishing in an A-line dress.

The Empire Wedding Dress

Wedding Style Guide: Different Types of Wedding DressesThe Empire wedding dress is another popular choice due to its compatibility with many body types. I have seen a lot of brides wear this style of dress and all of them looked gorgeous and stunning. The Empire wedding dress is characterized with a high waistline and a seam which is underneath the bust. The fabric below this area is made to gracefully fall to the floor. In the many wedding ceremonies that I’ve attended, I can say that this cut works best with slim women with small bust and for pregnant women who wants to be comfortable yet beautiful on their wedding day.

These are just some of the wedding dress styles that I can share with you, I promise to write more about this topic. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make sure that your beautiful dress will be captured in a picture! You can get Raleigh wedding photographers to share this special event with you, and they will make sure that every smile and every perfect moment is recorded on their cameras

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5 Creative Wedding Ideas for Escort Cards

Escort cards, also called place cards, are one of the most important elements of your wedding venue. Although they are small, you have to put a lot of effort to make it as creatively as you can. Don’t worry, for here are some awesome suggestions that you can use on your big day!

  • Leaves 

    Why not go natural? Leaves can be good escort cards given that you can decorate them nicely. The trick in using leaves as your escort cards is to design them in a way that they readily blend in with your wedding’s theme. If you are having a spring wedding, leave escort cards will be a good idea since you can use nature’s foliage to showcase the colors of the season!

  • Music-Inspired

    5 Creative Wedding Ideas for Escort Cards

    Do you and your partner love music so much? Why not incorporate your love of music to your wedding? A Chicago Newborn photographer told me about a wedding that she attended where the couple used their favourite artists’ albums to name the tables for their guests. You can also do that for you wedding. Here’s an idea I like, instead of the traditional paper cards, you can use old CDs or cassettes as the escort card themselves, and your guests will readily know that you are your partner are big music-lovers!

  • Antique Jars 

    5 Creative Wedding Ideas for Escort CardsFor me, nothing makes a wedding more whimsical than antique jars do. As a child, I am always fascinated by jars, as I often see them in movies containing pixies or anything magical. If you share my opinion, you can repurpose the jars you have at home and shower them with glitters, sequins, and everything that’ll make the beautiful. You can also insert a thank you note inside the jars for your guests.

  • Photo Strips 

    People love to see themselves in pictures. Indulge your guests by using photo strips of them as your escort cards! Before or during the ceremony, have your photographer take pictures of them and print them as strips. However, if you opt for this option, you have to make sure that everybody works fast, so as the escort cards will be ready after the wedding ceremony has ended. Another way to do this is to collect old pictures of your guests and print their photo strips prior to your wedding day.

  • Flowers 

    If you can use leaves, who says you can’t use flowers either? Make your guests feel beautiful and special by offering them flower arrangements as their escort cards. Using flowers is easier especially if you have a themed-wedding because all you have to do is to choose flowers whose colors match your theme.

These are just some of the escort cards ideas I can come up with, and I will make sure to share any other ideas that’ll cross my mind. Of course, as I always say, make sure that you preserve the wonderful memories of your wedding day. If you’re in Houston, I heard that there are many good Houston Wedding Photographers and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one to help you on your special day.

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How Wedding Photography Developed

Wedding photography evolved through the years from the invention of photography in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Fourteen years after the invention, an early photograph of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their wedding day was recorded. The year was 1840. Since people would look up to monarchs especially with their lifestyle, they started to take interest in wedding photography, hence the birth of said art. Needless to say, there was no such thing yet as Denver Wedding Photographers in those times.

How Wedding Photography Developed

Expensive service

Despite the introduction of wedding photography from the first time it was introduced through the royal wedding in 1840, it did not gain much following and support until the second half of the 19th century. For the people that time, hiring a photographer to cover their wedding photos was way too unaffordable. Only the affluent people could afford this luxury and the wedding budgets were just enough to spend on the basic requirements like wedding wardrobe and reception. When finally wedding photography took off, couples would just do with the usual studio shots taken by a hired photographer. It took a while before the practice of taking photos during the wedding event gained popularity.

Bulky equipment

In the earlier years, photography was crude and bulky. Cameras then were as big as small suitcases and photographers would rather practice their profession in their respective studios than bring along their equipment to the wedding venues. The lighting effect was also a problem because flashbulbs still needed to be improved. But innovations set in and the cumbersome cameras became smaller and handier to carry. Flashbulbs became built in so there was no more need to pack a huge camera in one box and the lights in another. Black and white photography stayed for sometime until the introduction of color photography in the 20th century.

Film roll technology

Film roll photography was the only known technology in the early part of the 20th century. Photos became prominently clearer and sharper because of the invention of compact light bulb that was integrated in the cameras. Successful photography relied heavily on the hands of the photographers who would do tricks and remedies such as using natural outdoor lights when taking photographs. And since the cameras then would take long to pre-set, couples usually had their photos taken after the wedding ceremony.

Later innovations

It was in the 1970s when documentary wedding photography style became popular. Photography works for weddings covered the entire event from the time the bride and groom would dress up for the occasion, to their trip going to the wedding ceremony up to the reception. Each stage of the wedding event was captured in cameras while photographers would direct the different poses and sequence of acts before they would actually shoot.

Digital photography

The most important development in photography came when the digital camera came out in the 1990s. It all started with small cameras with a monitor at the back with which to preview the shots. Digital cameras are faster and the photos are much sharper, almost life-like in quality and realism. Photos can be uploaded in computers for better viewing and screening. Print outs can also be done instantly right after the shooting. Digital photography has contributed much to the success of wedding photography and Raleigh Wedding Photographers are happy with their job. Buy Real Marketing has also helped them achieve more clients.

How Wedding Photography Developed

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Useful Techniques in Baby and Wedding Photography

It is always a delight to photograph babies and small kids. Their candidness is awesome and the innocent look in their faces is priceless. Some photographers will trade other shooting assignments for baby photography. Having a baby photo studio like the one owned by Chicago Newborn Photographers is also a lucrative business since many parents will go out of their way to have their babies photographed in nice studios.

Useful Techniques in Baby and Wedding Photography

Baby photography techniques

Handling the babies during photo shoots is not an easy task. Well, babies are babies and they do have moods and tantrums. Moreover, they are still unmindful of the life and the world and no amount of cajoling or sweet-talking will make them smile if they are in a sore mood. Also, they generally withdraw from strangers and as photographer you may be an unfamiliar face to them unless they are your own babies. One of the most important techniques in baby photography is to create a baby-friendly environment during the pictorial. Babies are sensitive and they do not like to be placed in a strange surrounding. Thus you can decorate your studio with baby stuff like toys, colorful mobiles, pictures of animals, cartoon characters and many more baby articles. The lighting must also be controlled. There are babies who are comfortable with bright lights while there are those who are cozy with subdued room lighting.

Knowing your subject

For a more successful baby photography project, one of the key techniques is to know your subject. The way to do this is by talking to the parent of the child before the actual shoot. Know the baby’s name, age, health condition, favorites and pet peeves. When you have all this information, you will know the right approach when handling the baby during the pictorial session. Both of you will be more comfortable with each other too. Although babies cannot talk yet or express their feelings and thoughts, they can feel and can tell if a person is friendly or not.

Outdoor photography

Some babies do not like to stay long in an enclosed area if they are in a new place. If this is the case, you must make an outdoor photography set up. The catch here however, is that you have to use some adjustments. Outdoor lighting is difficult to control so make sure you have umbrellas and filters to manage the brightness of your photos. One advantage of outdoor baby photography is it will be easier to make the baby smile, coo or laugh because of the varied scenery outside. While taking her photo, she might see a dog pass by or a colorfully dressed woman that will make her coo with delight. If this happens, be quick with your camera so you can immediately capture the moment without wasting the opportunity.

Although your job as a photographer is to conduct business with your clients, be a little more considerate when your subject is a baby. After the shoot, make sure you do not hold the parent too long to discuss the billing or payment arrangements. To avoid this situation, make sure you talk to the parents about these matters before the actual photo shoot. Unlike in Omaha Wedding Photography, baby photography is more delicate to deal with since you are taking care of a delicate subject as well.

Useful Techniques in Baby and Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photography: Dos and Don’ts in Setting Up a Wedding Venue

There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of wedding photos. Being the couple to be married, you are the center of attention in all the photos. Everything revolves around you. When you look good and you have prepared your poses well for the photos, you will look totally amazing. This also entails a good wedding photographer such as Toronto Wedding Photographers. Aside from preparing yourself, you also have to prepare the venue of the wedding since it will serve as the background of all photos. If the venue is really good, the pictures will pop. Otherwise, it will look totally bad.

Wedding Photography: Dos and Don’ts in Setting Up a Wedding Venue

Here are some of the dos and don’ts in choosing a wedding venue that you need to remember:

  • Don’t go over the top. Yes, you want to achieve a certain theme for your wedding venue. This is possible by making use of beautiful decorations. Just be careful not to overdo the process. If so, you might end up making things look over the top. In photos, it will look really messy.
  • Select one or two motifs only. Though you want the wedding photos to really pop, it is important not to go over the top with the colors. Colorful photos are great, but if the colors are overwhelming, it will look so painful to the eyes.
  • Make sure that you have checked the weather first before you select an outdoor venue. You don’t want to look messy in photos just because it rained. You also don’t want to look like you have been sunburnt if it is extremely hot. If the weather won’t be fine on your wedding day, don’t choose outdoors.
  • Do trials shoot on your venue options. This is very important so that you know how the photos would look like for the actual wedding. Though the place has not been setup yet, you will have a glimpse of what it will be like.
  • Take a look at those who have done their weddings on the same venue. If their wedding photos achieved the concept that you would like to have, go ahead and do your wedding on the same place. If not, find another option.
  • Keep things simple and elegant. Wedding is one of the most elegant occasions you can possibly attend to. Though you wanted yours to look more modern and fun, don’t take away the element of elegance. This will make your older guests feel more comfortable. An elegant venue will also make the ceremony more romantic and heartfelt.
  • Stay true to your personality. Don’t find a venue that is not your type. Of course, you also have to consider that of your partner. You need to agree on the place first before you finally book it. This also means that you need to consider the price. If you have spent a lot just for the wedding venue, you might end up frowning on your photos since you have very huge expenses.

Again, find the right venue for your wedding since it will create an impact on the photos that will come out. Once the wedding done and you’re expecting a baby already, don’t forget to check out New Jersey Newborn Photography.

Wedding Photography: Dos and Don’ts in Setting Up a Wedding Venue

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Have an Incredible Destination Wedding at Orange County

A destination wedding is a wedding hosted in a different location other than the couple’s hometown. Soon-to-wed couples prefer celebrating their special day elsewhere for many reasons, but mostly because they want to have it in a different atmosphere. The most commonly preferred locations are the hottest tourist spots like beaches and cultural heritage sites. However, every place has uniquely beautiful characteristics that most couples and tourists do not see. This article will let you discover the beauty of the Orange Country, where you can tag along your favorite wedding photographers Orange Country CA.

Have an Incredible Destination Wedding at Orange County

What Makes Orange County Special

This county has a lot of great sights to offer with its cities sitting along the coast. It has great attractions that will definitely compliment your destination wedding. The Orange County is the home to the very famous Disneyland theme park and Knott’s Berry Farm. Just hearing these places will already make a person think happy thoughts. The city of Anaheim is the home to Los Angeles Angels, which was formerly known as the Anaheim Angels. Tourists will also appreciate The Mission in San Juan Capistrano, as well as the Balboa Island Ferry, Casa Romantica Cultural Center, Fullerton Arboretum, Table Rock Beach, the 1000 Steps Beach, Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and so much more.

Talk to Your Photographer About It

Your Raleigh wedding photographers will surely agree that these places in Orange County are perfect for your wedding photoshoot. You can have your photos romantic and solemn at the cultural centers, the ecological reserve and the beautiful beaches, while all the wacky fun shots can be done at the theme parks. You can do a lot of things in this place and your guests will definitely have fun, as well. Talk to your photographer about the sights you have discovered in this place and how you want your photos to turn out. These people have the eyes for incredible spots to have your wonderful couple photos taken.

Have an Incredible Destination Wedding at Orange County

Enjoy the Moment

Your wedding should be memorable and picking the right place for your destination wedding will make it more special. Your experience at the Orange County will be a mixture of fun and romance. With so many things to do, every moment will be well – spent as you enjoy the company of your new spouse. Another thing about destination weddings is that the place you choose should be enjoyable to your guests, as well. Your wedding is their priority for going out of town, but you should make their attendance worthwhile by giving them plenty of interesting sights to see.

One of the most preferred wedding venues is the Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens in San Clemente. This historical place was built by Ole Hansen, the first Danish farmer to become a minister. It is now allowed to be used by the public for special events like rehearsals, corporate events and weddings. You can also have a beach wedding in one of their awesome beaches. Whether outdoor or indoor, your wedding will be perfect at Orange County.

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How to Make Emoticons on Instagram

Emoticons are the language of the new generation. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and now you can also make use of them on Instagram. While this is not a new concept, a lot of Instagramers have no idea on how to make emoticons on Instagram. There are actually a few methods in which you can place a smiley, a random image of something or state how you feel about a certain situation by inserting an icon that portrays your emotion regarding the photo.

When you buy followers on Instagram and you have thousands of people following you already, you need to keep things interesting by posting photos that are fun to look at and fresh for that matter. The way you can do that is to have emoticons in your posts. One of the first methods you can place emoticons on Instagram is by downloading apps that incorporate emoticons on your photo sharing app. Emoji is one of those apps and you can download it regardless if you are using an Android or an iOS device. It is compatible with both devices and most of all you can download it for free.

Once you have downloaded the Emoji app (or any other app like it), you will then need to incorporate it in your keyboard so that it comes up when you type a text in any other apps that you use. To do this, go to the settings option in your device, and find the language tab. In it, you will find the Emoji as if it were another language and make sure that you enable it. Usually, you won’t encounter any problems when you run the app but in the event that you do, simply restart your device and the Emoji app will be running just fine.

How to Make Emoticons on Instagram

Test it out by opening your Instagram account and try to post something. Once you are typing text into your post, simply tap the lower left portion of your keyboard and you will see a whole lot of emoticons that you can use. You will be able to use icons of the simplest emotions to images of cars, food, animals and even hand gestures too! You don’t even have to type in words anymore when you post a photo on Instagram. Simply use these emoticons and people will figure out what you want to say without you actually having to say anything! Most of all, it is a fun way to read texts. It’s like playing Pictionary with other people trying to figure out what you want to say.

Now that you have emoticons in your Instagram account, you can be more confident even if you buy Instagram followers. Other than the fact that your account will be highly visible due to the sheer number of followers, when other people see how entertaining your posts are they won’t be able to help themselves. You will gain more followers as you will most definitely catch the attention of many Instagramers who have no idea how to use emoticons for their own accounts.

Get 500 Instagram Followers

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Tricks to Make Wedding Photos Look Distinctive

Tricks to Make Wedding Photos Look Distinctive Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Experienced Pittsburgh Pennsylvania wedding photographers can help you decide on an extraordinary wedding photography theme.

Wedding photos should not be limited to portrait and landscape types. They also shouldn’t be just about people. There are many photography options that can be explored to come up with great wedding photos. There are several tricks that can be used to capture wedding memories in extraordinary and striking ways. Some of the most notable ones are featured below.

Zooming in on Details

It is worth noting that most wedding photos are unlikely to be candid shots. They are usually directed or staged. That’s why if you are taking wedding photos; it’s alright to try to create some drama. For example, instead of taking successive multiple shots of the couples themselves, you can focus on the hands as they hold each other. You can focus on the wine glasses while they do the toast. You can use combinations of elements as you frame your photo like taking a profile of the bride while walking down the aisle, with the wedding attendants in a blurred out background. There are small details in a wedding that can be greatly memorable to the couple without being noticeable on the actual wedding day.

Always Consider Having a Great Background

The background matters. You can’t just ignore the color and nature of the background as you take photos even if you blur it out. Think of suitable color combinations or even striking colors in the background to create more appeal in your photos. You don’t have to limit yourself to greens or plant backgrounds. Try using patterns you can find in the church or the wedding reception venue.

Tilt the Camera

Portrait and landscape orientations are not the only ways to take pictures. You can tilt your camera to take interesting shots. Try to be adventurous and figure out ways you can make great use of the things you see on the viewfinder. Camera tilts can add a sense of movement or motion on your snaps. However, don’t overdo this. Still consider variety and use tilts and unusual framing sparingly.


Using long lenses is not just for wildlife photography or for covering large events. It can also be applicable on weddings. Doing so can help produce interesting effectives on perspective. It can create drama on your photos. Just be sure to eliminate shakes, though. Use a tripod as much as possible. Any slight movement with long lenses can lead to a blur on the entire photo, not just the background. This isn’t something you want to happen with your photos.

Many Pittsburgh Pennsylvania wedding photographers have the experience in using these tricks and doing various other methods to achieve appealing and distinctive photos. You can try going over their portfolios for some ideas. However, as much as possible, try to maintain your own creative direction. Get inspiration from the works of experienced photographers to come up with your distinctive styles to create impact with your own photos.


The Standard Wedding and Event Group specializes in photography, DJ entertainment, décor lighting, etc., making memorable events.  Visit their studio at 3945 Forbes Avenue, Suite 468 in Pittsburgh, PA 15213 for your special event.

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Choosing the Perfect Day for your Altar Date

Choosing the Perfect Day for your Altar Date

Let Brad & Chyla Wedding Photography capture the best moments of one special day that would stand out in your memory the rest of your life.

A wedding is a wonderful celebration of love and commitment. Couples go through months of preparation maybe even longer for that memorable magical moment when as they say two become one. There is a roster of details that needs a couple’s attention when planning their wedding and probably topping this list is the wedding date. When is the best day to marry out of the 365 days in a year? There are different things to be considered and here are some of them.

Moods of the Seasons

The time of the year you choose to have your wedding will affect not just the style and venue of your wedding but the overall mood of your wedding as well. A wedding in spring would fit couples who want to be surrounded by the freshness of daffodils and other pastel blooms. Summer is for couples who love the outdoors and sun-dappled settings. Autumn brings with it rich earth colors and a nostalgic ambiance while winter has its special holiday sparkle.

Jubilant holidays

You may want to have your wedding day coincide with or to be held a few days before or after certain holidays when everyone is in a joyous mood and maybe on a holiday break. Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Year are some of the holidays to contemplate on. Holidays on long weekends may even be better choices especially if you have guests flying in for the wedding. Choosing this time though has its downside. Venues might be fully booked and may charge a higher during holidays. But if you book ahead and have the budget these won’t make a difference.

Auspicious Days

Whether based on time-honored traditions or superstitions, there are days that are counted as auspicious or lucky days for couples to get married. Different cultures and religions have their own lucky and unlucky days but a number of them agree that days in May should be avoided because May is the unluckiest month to marry. Many cultures on the other hand support the belief that the bridegroom’s birthday is the luckiest day for a couple to get married. Those of Hindu ancestry determine the auspiciousness of a wedding date with the help of an astrologer who will have to draw the astrological charts of the groom and bride before the most auspicious day to set the wedding is determined. Numerological analysis and the couple’s animal zodiac sign are what traditional Chinese rely on when choosing the best day for their wedding

Other than the date there is still a long list of details to deal with so everything is in perfect synch on that special day. This of course includes scheduling a meeting with the talented husband and wife team that makes up Brad and Chyla Wedding Photography so you can see how well they can beautifully capture special moments on that day when you declare your commitment to each other in black and white.


Brad and Chyla specialize in fine art inspired wedding photography. This husband and wife team love working with husbands and wives to be so they can capture with precision memorable moments in the couple’s wedding in beautiful images. Drop by their studio at 1489 Hogback Bridge Road, Winterset, IA 50072 or call them at (515) 664-7949.

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